Welcome to the Troy Recruitment blog! This is where we will be regularly posting helpful information about forensic accounting career development, market trends and how to go about finding a new role in the forensic accounting, forensic technology and insurance industries.

In our first edition, we are introducing you to our Founder, Director Helen Cramp. We sat down with Helen to get a glimpse behind the scenes of life as a busy specialist recruitment consultant.

Here is what Helen had to say.

How did you get involved in Recruitment?

I started working in recruitment in 2002. It was actually by accident as I was working in Theatre Marketing in the West End of London at the time. When the September 11 terrorist attack on America occurred, the theatre industry took a downturn and I chose to take a redundancy.

At that time I started registering with recruiters on the lookout for a new marketing role and several of them said to me by the end of the interview that I should go into recruitment! So I did!


What bought you from the UK to Australia?

I started with Adecco in the UK and was recruiting office support for around 18 months. While I was interviewing candidates, I met several who had taken a year out to experience a working holiday visa Australia and had loved it.

I happened to be at a dinner party and one of the girls mentioned she had become too old to do the working holiday visa thing. I was horrified to find I only had until 30! I decided then and there that I didn’t want to miss out. I applied to come to Australia for a year. That year has now turned into 15 and Sydney is now home!


What drew you to your specialisation in Forensic Accounting?

I fell into accounting recruiting when I joined Jonathan Wren in 2004. One of the roles that came in was in forensic accounting. At the time, nobody in the team had heard of it.  I went down to meet the Manager of the hiring firm. He happened to be the President of the CPA and gave me a very helpful A-Z of forensic accounting. What a serendipitous meeting! Who knew such interesting work existed! Like a CSI detective but investigating data and figures.

I started head hunting for my very first forensic accounting role with that CPA President and it mushroomed from there.  Over time I have built up my reputation in the market. I really enjoy recruiting forensic accountants as I find them fascinating, they are always outgoing and chatty and have great stories to tell!


What do you consider your biggest career achievement?

Launching my own recruitment business, Troy Recruitment in 2013 is definitely my biggest career achievement to date. It took a big leap of faith, but I have never looked back. I really enjoy being able to specialise and to work flexibly.


What do you love doing outside of work?

I love the arts and am an avid theatre goer! We are so lucky in Sydney to have so many to choose from and I see at least 1 show a week, sometimes 3! Musicals and operas are my favourite. I also love singing and sing in a choir in Paddington.

I adore travelling too. If I am not jetting back to the UK, I love exploring other countries. My last trip was 10 days in Japan.  I’m also a foodie and love trying out new restaurants!


Why should a candidate trust their career to you?

I make an effort to spend time with a candidate getting to know them and what makes them tick. I consider myself a people person and the recruitment process a bit like match-making! I especially like to make sure I find a candidate the right role, and the right manager to make them shine. I give very honest advice and feedback and help out with interview tips and techniques.


Why should a candidate use a recruiter rather than approaching a firm directly?

Going through an industry specialist recruiter makes the whole process a lot less scary. I can help approach firms anonymously on their behalf. I can also suggest suitable firms or roles they may never have considered. My insider knowledge means I am often on the lookout for candidates for roles that are not yet on the market. I can set a candidate up for success and connect them with firms that align with their values.

Troy Recruitment is a boutique agency delivering a personal and collaborative service. We recruit in the fields of Forensic Accounting, Forensic Technology and Insurance.

If you would like to have a confidential discussion about your career options, salary benchmarks and industry information you can email helen@troyrecruitment.com  or follow Troy Recruitment on LinkedIn here.

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