Are you thinking of using a specialist recruitment agency to assist with hiring new staff?

It can be tougher than you think to find great candidates who fit your company culture.  Here are 6 reasons why you need to align your business with an industry specialist recruiter.

  1. Talent expertise

Candidates can be hard to find – especially in niche markets.  Recruiters have a superb network of candidates who can be approached on your behalf.  They are in touch with passive candidates and can refer high quality referrals of exclusive candidates who are often not online.


  1. Expert Industry Knowledge

Executive recruiters have their finger on the pulse of their specialist market. They can keep firms updated with the latest movers and shakers as well as salary trends and benefits.  They build long term relationships with clients and candidates so that they can match skills and personality.


  1. Time Saving

Recruitment is a time-consuming business.  There are huge time constraints doing an in-depth search.  It can take hours to read and respond to applicants, phone screen and conduct face to face interviews and you can lose out to others who have a speedier process.  Troy Recruitment can save you time and money finding your next star employee.


  1. Efficiency

Recruiters only present candidates they know to have the right skill set and personality.  They arrange interviews, provide feedback to unsuccessful candidates, verify qualifications and perform reference checks.


  1. Budget/Resources

Job adverts can be costly and have a short shelf life.   With new jobs being advertised by the hour, your role is often only visible for a few days at best.  Using an industry specialist enables you to extend your reach and tap into candidates who are passively looking.  Recruiters are invaluable ambassadors for your company and focus on promoting your role and the benefits of your firm.


  1. Peace of mind

If a candidate is placed by a recruitment agency you will generally be given a guarantee period which will provide you with one free replacement if the person doesn’t work out for any reason.  This can be invaluable if either party decide it’s not working out and prevents you from having to start the entire process again.


Troy Recruitment is a boutique agency delivering a personal and collaborative service.

We have specialized in recruiting roles in Forensic Accounting, Forensic Technology/Cyber security and Insurance for over 15 years.

If you would like to have a confidential discussion about your recruitment needs or salary benchmarks and industry information contact us at Troy Recruitment 02 83456 720 , email or follow Troy Recruitment on LinkedIn here.


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